Satan & Adam to Screen at the SCA

While in Telluride this past Spring for Mountainfilm 2018, our Education Manager and Marketing Manager caught the screening of Satan & Adam. The film made such a lasting impression on them that the SCA has decided to screen Satan & Adam this December.
One day, in the 1980s, a young white man, badly bruised by a failed affair of the heart, finds himself in Harlem and stops to listen to a street musician playing the blues. Nervous that he is the sole white face to be seen in any direction but compelled by the force of the street performer’s music, he asks if he can play along on his harmonica. Thus is born a most unlikely but enduring partnership. No less unlikely, the almost inconceivable course of that partnership’s trajectory is tracked by the filmmakers through its entire 22-year history. Sterling Magee experienced firsthand the music industry’s exploitation of black musicians. So he walked away to play on the Harlem streets for “his people.” Reborn as Mr. Satan, he spread his gospel of joy. One of those he converted was a white kid named Adam, who gave up the ivory tower life to play alongside this streetwise guru. Their improbable bond made them a sensation, and their journey a tale of tragedy, survival and miraculous rebirth. Satan & Adam is a celebration of the transformative power of music, and the bonds that develop when worlds collide and artists collaborate. Director V. Scott Balcerek pulls together over two decades of documentary footage to chart the duo’s friendship from busking in the streets of Harlem to bigger and bigger stages and to depict the challenges that both had to overcome to keep Satan & Adam together. Directed by V. Scott Balcerek. Produced by Kennedy Marshall and Ryan Suffern (Finding Oscar). Executive produced by RYOT Films, Trevor Birney, Brendan J. Byrne, Corey Russell and Frank Marshall. “Remarkably, V. Scott Balcerek seems to have been there for almost all of it, which makes “Satan and Adam” unusually rich as it charts the duo’s relationship, at first as an observer and then as a facilitator once life pulls them apart. Featuring a naturally electric blues soundtrack, the film has considerable torque, but as much of it comes from how the story unfolds as much as its music, energetically following their rise from street legends to playing the main stage at New Orleans Jazz Fest in front of thousands.” – Steven Saito of The Moveable Fest Satan & Adam screens at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts on December 6th, 2018. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE

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